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Top 5 Books for Young People By Chetan Bhagat

What Young India Wants, the latest book by Chetan Bhagat, may not be very precise for many of the older generation, but the author definitely seems to know what young readers of India would be thrilled reading. There are several books, articles and even tweets by Bhagat, which have touched the hearts of people. No wonder, most of these are bestsellers and many of them have been made into blockbuster Bollywood movies. The author has received much appreciation and his books have been read both by avid readers and also by people who typically don’t pick up a book to read.


Top 5 Must-Read Books By Chetan Bhagat





Three Mistakes of My Life – This story is based on friendship and has been made into the movie Kai Po Che. However, it is a totally different experience reading the book, which described locations, feelings and mental turmoil in great detail. Three mistakes of my life is all about coming-of-age of three friends who have big dreams. Of course, the mistakes come too, with great elaboration that can be related to by a lot of men today and maybe for generations to come. It does relate to all the challenges that a person in India faces. The characters Ish, Omi and Govind come to life in Chetan Bhagat’s casual narrative.



Five Point SomeoneThis is the book that started it all. It is the story of three friends who have always thought of themselves as being academically at the top all their lives. But when they end up in the engineering institute of their dreams, they find themselves being only the average among the best. One is never prepared for life at the IITs. Five point someone is the story of the survival of the fittest, with some hiccups and survival strategies explained to the youth. The story is based on college life and is an interesting read. Even if you’ve watched Three Idiots, you would not have gained the insight that this book would give you.



2 StatesIndia is a mix of different cultures that somehow manage to coexist. This is a book that describes the contrasts in cultures and how people who are in love are able to overcome cultural differences. 2 States is funny and the writing style makes it a pleasurable read. Many couples who have had mixed marriages would be able to relate to this book. 2 States was made into a movie by the same name in 2014. People have enjoyed the book even after watching the movie.



One Night at the Call CenterIf you believe in spirituality as well as the hectic lifestyle of today, you would not be disappointed with this book. Do not judge the book by the movie, which is unable to convey the essence of the story. One Night at call center is a story of employees at a call center and how they confront their shadows and get a call from God. There have been books where the devil has tried to teach a lesson as an avatar. However, God taking the shape of a caller at a call center was unheard off. This is one of the strong points of the story.



Revolution 2020It is a beautiful take on corruption, with a youthful angle. This is one of Chetan Bhagat’s serious works. You might find it running a little low on the fun factor but it has its moments. The story of Gopal, Ragav and Aarthi narrated by the protagonist sounds realistic. The best part about the Revolution 2020 is the confrontation with the thin line between what is good for everyone and what is good for one. Everyday youngsters deal with this dilemma and sometimes a book like this just might be able to make them realize it.


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